Yamhill County needs a LEADER

Yamhill County needs a leader … not a lobbyist.

Are TAXES a Yamhill County Commissioner issue? NO. Commissioners cannot raise your property taxes.

Are GUNS a Yamhill County Commissioner issue? NO. Gun laws are decided at the state level by our elected representatives and senators.

Yamhill County residents are already represented in Salem by SEVEN elected representatives and senators, most of them Republicans who will ALWAYS vote to protect gun rights and keep taxes low.

We need a Yamhill County Commissioner who knows what the job entails and WILL do the job of being a county commissioner.


  • Approve county budget and approve contracts

  • Decide on important land-use proposals

  • Oversee the many state-mandated parts of the Yamhill County government: Health and Human Services, Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Public Works, Building and Development, and much more

But, most importantly, commissioners LOOK AHEAD.

Commissioners need to keep their eyes and ears open to what problems — and POSSIBILITIES — are ahead of us here in Yamhill County so that they can lead us in the right direction.

In order to do this, our commissioners need to spend their time and attention HERE in Yamhill County, focused on the unique non-partisan issues that affect people and businesses here.

Barbara Boyer has lived in Yamhill County for 30 years and is the ONLY candidate with a long track record of public involvement and leadership in our county.

Barbara Boyer has been a Yamhill County elected official for 15 years. She is a farmer and small business owner. She co-founded the McMinnville Farmer’s Market. As SWCD chair, she helped bring Miller Woods to the public. Barbara Boyer knows how to think ahead, work with others, and GET THINGS DONE. HERE.

Barbara Boyer is the LEADER our county needs. She has the EXPERIENCE, the COMMITMENT, and the INNOVATIVE mind-set to lead Yamhill County forward.

May 19, vote Barbara Boyer.

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