Key endorsements!

Barbara Boyer is endorsed by the people who know exactly what it takes to be an excellent Yamhill County Commissioner: retiring Commissioner Rick Olson, Commissioner Casey Kulla, and the Yamhill County Employee Association. In their own words:

“In her leadership role with many local organizations, time and time again, Barbara Boyer has proven her ability to GET PEOPLE TO WORK TOGETHER — demonstrating her grounded approach to problem solving, communications, collaboration, and citizen involvement.” — Retiring Commissioner Richard L. 'Rick' Olson

“Barbara Boyer is COMMITTED to you and me. Barbara Boyer is innovative in promoting farmer livelihoods while protecting our soil and water. Barbara Boyer is EXPERIENCED at farming, at managing people and business, and experienced with the legal, budgetary, and legislative systems of our county and state. Barbara Boyer is READY to be your Yamhill County Commissioner.” — Commissioner Casey Kulla
”Barbara is well known and LOVED throughout the community for her dedication and innovative thinking. The Yamhill County Employee Association has TOTAL CONFIDENCE in Barbara’s ability to continue to serve Yamhill County and proudly endorses Barbara Boyer for the position of Yamhill County Commissioner.” — Yamhill County Employee Association endorsement letter

Barbara’s supporters include many longtime local leaders, business owners, farmers, and residents from different politics backgrounds. For more endorsements and general information, visit:

Barbara Boyer is the MOST EXPERIENCED candidate; the MOST COMMITTED candidate; and the MOST INNOVATIVE candidate — she is the ONLY candidate with a long track record of positive work in Yamhill County.


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