Bravery resides in every heart

With 2020 hay harvest in the barn (32K bales), the CSA in full swing – my husband finishing 30 radiation treatments like a champ – planting the fall/winter garden, my life is getting back to some normalcy. The past 3 months I’ve had a chance to reflect on the elections. Just like you I’ve had high highs and low lows. I leaned on others and have had others lean on me. I’ve fallen down and I’ve gotten up. I have enjoyed great success in many settings through my years of volunteer work and board service. It is this variety of life experiences that prepares me to meet others wherever they are.

A few highlights from the past 90 days.

As chair of the board of Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (district) , I had the privilege of working with our board and staff as we tackled the impact of the COVID pandemic on our budget. We are one of the lucky districts in the state that had the foresight to ask the voters to approve a tax base in 1984 for the district. With our modest tax base of $320K we passed a $5.4M to enable us to continue serving the citizens and agriculturalists of Yamhill county to protect our natural resources.

As a member of State Board we were updated on the role Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is playing in the Oregon farmworker protections program. ODA partnered with OSU - Yamhill County Extension to distribute mask, gloves and other protective gear for Yamhill County agriculture workers. This is how we lead in these troubled times.

I am a voting member of The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB). This agency budget of $120M every biennium is funded with lottery dollars. With the current climate of Covid19 and the closure of the lottery we took a big hit. We received 41% of the average of normal for boots on the ground work and have chosen to keep money in reserve and award grants in the spring. I enjoy seeing the impacts my vote has on projects around Yamhill County .

I’ve had people reach out to tell me I am the reason they will become more involved in local issues. . If my candidacy helped expose the outside influence filtering into our county and lit a fire in your belly – in my opinion it was a successful run.

I promise I am not passing through this county. I will speak up when I see the need. If you have any questions for me – if you want anything clarified from the elections or just want to discuss a topic of interest please, reach out. 503.434.0651 Bravery resides in every heart. Someday it will be summoned.

Still, looking forward, Barbara

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