Barbara Boyer values sustainability

Sustainability is planning for our future, ensuring that the place we love can continue to be a wonderful place to live and work for generations to come: . NO HIGHER TAXES!!!! – As your future Yamhill County Commissioner, I will NOT raise taxes! Individuals and businesses need to be able to plan for all aspects of their financial future, including their tax burden! As an elected official, I already operate a complex county-wide budget, managing big projects using limited tax dollars. . TAKE CARE OF OUR COUNTY EMPLOYEES – Our county will only run well if the people doing the hands-on work of our county feel supported from the top-down. I am proud to announce that I have been endorsed by the Yamhill County Employees Association. As your Commissioner, I will ensure that county employees have what they need to do their jobs of serving all of us. . MAINTAIN OUR RURAL CHARACTER – Yamhill County is a rural county, distinct in its character and economy from the Metro area. As your future Commissioner, I WILL KEEP IT DISTINCT FROM METRO. I will ensure that we maintain our separate identity by preserving our farm and forest lands and promoting the sustainability of rural occupations. . ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – As your future Commissioner, I will promote economic development that ensures people who live in Yamhill County can work here too. I will promote quality job opportunities and promote the kind of entrepreneurship that helps define Yamhill County’s unique character. . As your future Commissioner, I will make decisions from a place of FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. My husband and I run a profitable farm and know how important it can be to invest in infrastructure that will SAVE US MONEY in the long-run. . Achieving real sustainability is a balance. It takes the wisdom of experience, knowing when to act and when to wait. It takes commitment to long-term outcomes. It takes creativity to innovate and make the most of what we have. . I am ready. . Looking forward, Barbara Boyer

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