Barbara Boyer values our local economy

How we spend our money represents our values. Which is why during this campaign, I have chosen to work with excellent LOCAL photographers, printers, sign makers, and publications to get my message out. As a local business owner, farmer, and longtime McMinnville Farmers Market manager, I am deeply committed to our Yamhill County community and economy and understand the power of our purchasing choices.

Now our local community and economy are in the midst of an unprecedented, profound disruption as we take critical measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our population. Safety and health is our first priority now. However, the impacts of the widespread closures will be deep and long-lasting, and the coming years will NOT be “business as usual.”

As your future Yamhill County Commissioner, I am 100% committed to helping our local businesses, organizations, and community THRIVE AGAIN.

Economic development is one of my key values as a candidate, and I will work tirelessly to advocate with the state and the federal governments for recovery programs that WORK for Yamhill County, its businesses and its workers. I will also work closely and personally with local businesses and organizations to find out what they need from the county and work with my fellow commissioners to meet those needs.

More than ever, Yamhill County needs a leader who has governmental experience working with the nitty-gritty complexities of decision-making bodies and policy development. Yamhill County needs a leader with proven, longtime commitment to our community. And, Yamhill County needs an energetic leader with a track record of innovative problem solving.

I am ready. We will get through this together.

Looking forward, Barbara

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