Barbara Boyer values livability

I have lived in Yamhill County for thirty years, and my husband Tom grew up here on his family’s century farm. Like many people who love this place, we never want to live anywhere else. What is it that makes Yamhill County such a unique, wonderful place? It’s our county’s LIVABILITY, something as your future Yamhill County Commissioner I will protect and foster. Here are some individual key pieces I see that make our community wonderful and livable: OPEN SPACESOur county’s foundation is our agricultural heritage. Yamhill County is, quite simply, incredibly beautiful because of all the working open lands that quilt the landscape between our small cities and towns. These open lands are also the core of our economy, providing income and jobs for many. As your future commissioner I will vote to maintain our farm and forestland for that purpose. I already have a decades-long track record of opposing proposed land-use applications that would significantly alter our landscape: I’ve opposed solar panels on farmland, the expansion of the landfill, and the siting of gravel quarries on prime farmland such as on Grand Island. As Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) chair, I’ve also worked with farmers and landowners to help them maintain their lands in sustainable, profitable ways, ensuring that the soil and water will be available for countless future generations to tend. SAFETY & HEALTHOur county is a safe place to live and raise families. Neighbors know neighbors, and we watch out for each other. As future commissioner, I will support the essential work of our sheriff, making sure that he has the resources he needs to keep our community safe — whether that be updates to our aging jail or investments in new, evidence-based programs. Likewise, I will also support the important work of our county Health and Human Services, who provide critical health services to some of the neediest in our community. RECREATION — As SWCD chair, I helped develop Miller Woods, a popular site that mixes recreation and education opportunities with resource management. Miller Wood demonstrates that recreation can co-exist with our working landscapes in ways that help everyone in our community stay healthy and have safe ways to experience our landscape. As future commissioner, I will support our parks department in maintaining and growing recreation opportunities, including the development of a paddle launch near Newberg/Dundee. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT — As future commissioner, economic development is a priority. I want there to be educational, job, and entrepreneurial opportunities that allow our children to stay or return here to live and raise their families. I will work with our local colleges and businesses to grow those opportunities. As Commissioner, I will work on innovative and creative partnerships with our cities, our state and local development agencies, our agricultural and entrepreneurial stakeholders to develop stable, quality jobs and build resilience in our business community. COMMUNITY — Yamhill County has always been full of thriving community hubs: churches, farmers markets, restaurants where everyone runs into friends, locally-owned businesses, active service clubs, vibrant libraries, yoga studios and health clubs, arts opportunities and concerts by local musicians, and so much more. Yamhill County is unique in having so many that are grass-roots, locally-owned or founded operations. There is no denying these are challenging times for all of our small businesses and entrepreneurs. I buy local as much as I can and hope you do too. As your commissioner, I will look for creative ways to support these community endeavors as they come back to keep the joyful, friendly spirit of our county alive. As we look forward to life in Yamhill County after Covid-19, I know that our county has a strong base from which to recover. We already have a truly wonderful place to live and work. But there will be challenges too after such a profound disruption to normalcy, and we will recover faster if we have committed leadership with the experience necessary to be innovative and proactive. I LOVE YAMHILL COUNTY. I am ready to lead us forward. Looking forward, Barbara

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