“In her leadership role with many local organizations, time and time again, Barbara Boyer has proven her ability to get people to work together — demonstrating her grounded approach to problem solving, communications, collaboration, and citizen involvement.”

— Retiring Yamhill County Commissioner Richard L. 'Rick' Olson


Barbara Boyer is committed to you and me. Barbara Boyer is innovative in promoting farmer livelihoods while protecting our soil and water. Barbara Boyer is experienced at farming, at managing people and business, and experienced with the legal, budgetary, and legislative systems of our county and state. Barbara Boyer is ready to be your Yamhill County Commissioner.

— Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla

Endorsed by the News-Register:

“There is only one candidate with a deep understanding and affiliation with agriculture … There is only one candidate for this non-partisan post who can credibly claim non-partisan status … There is only one candidate with substantial local roots …”


News-Register editorial board, May 8, 2020

Barbara cares deeply about Yamhill County. As Chair of the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District, she has and continues to make a difference for us through her involvement, leadership and ability to bring people together. As a business owner with her husband, she understands the needs and impacts of jobs in all of our lives. We are proud to support Barbara for County Commissioner.”


— Dave and Cathy Haugeberg, longtime community leaders


Barbara is well known and loved throughout the community for her dedication and innovative thinking. The Yamhill County Employee Association has total confidence in Barbara’s ability to continue to serve Yamhill County and proudly endorses Barbara Boyer for the position of Yamhill County Commissioner.”

— Yamhill County Employee Association endorsement letter

Barbara Boyer’s outstanding service as a director and chairperson of Yamhill‘s Soil and Water Conservation District proves she has the capabilities, the skills and the energy to serve as county commissioner for the citizens of Yamhill County. She hears all voices, is a consensus builder and will meet our needs and protect the resources we all value.

— Sam Sweeney, longtime Dayton farmer/conservationist & SWCD director

Barbara Boyer is more than qualified to serve as our next elected commissioner to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners. Barbara is a person of unwavering integrity, she will represent the people extremely well and Barbara has the right background, intelligence and heart for this position as a Yamhill County Commissioner. Barbara is ready, willing and able to represent all of us in the best possible way. We need her leadership, her willingness to serve and the transparency that she will display on the board of commissioners. Barbara has my vote!

— Howie Harkema, longtime community volunteer & leader



Yamhill County Employee Association

Ken & Karen Wright

Amy Wilder, Carlton City Council Member

Kathleen & Rick George

Retired Sheriff Lee Vasquez & Erma Vasquez

Susan Sokol-Blosser

Stephens Farm

Cassie & Randy Sollars

Alex Sokol Blosser

Yamhill River Farm

Diane Haugberg Shea

Peter Higbee

Willamette Valley Vineyards

Marilyn Worrix

Grateful Gardens

Patrick McElligott

Lan Carpenter

Steve & Kris Bledsoe

Jeremi Carroll & John Peterson

Oregon Steelworkers Legislative Committee

Mary & Dave Weil

Even Pull Farm

Alisa & Al Owen

Jill Fox

Shirley & John Mullen

Kris Gabrielsen

Dayna & Brian Gilbert

Sidney Winfield

UFCW Local 555

Janet Adams

Amanda Amie Marshall

Donna Day

Bill Rourke

Valerie Anton

Anne Bansen

Forrest Babcock

Janet Zuelke

Susan Barnes Whyte

Pollinate Flowers

David & Jeanne Beck

Dr. David & Juliana Hayes

Cairns Farm

Madeline Bishop

Ulista Brooks

Oakhill Organics

Judith & Les Buchholz

Bridgett Cooke

Adam Campbell

Nancy Jellison

Kevin & Carla Chambers

Dawn Graff-Haight, PhD

Kelley & Isaac Mabbitt

The Farmer's Lunchbox

Conservatory Bar

Dr. Jane Kneller & Dr. Michael Losonsky

Greyhorse Vineyard

Nick & Kate Chasuk

Diane & Mike Ragsdale

Joshua Clark

Tanya Tompkins

Sal Peralta

Susan Delventhal

Dee Goldman & Jan Sheild

Joan & Jules Drabkin

Patty & Rick Sorensen

Jere Witherspoon

Ruben Contreras, Jr.

Zoe Shuck

Jean Elmore

Susan Barksdale

Douglas Evans

Michael J. Burr

Edward J Farrar

Timothy Lynn & Patricia Fasana-Lynn

Peter & Emily Gladhart

Jim Culbert

Carole T Hansen

Al & Megan Whitaker

Elaine Harris

Michael & Julie Ramsby

Susan & Les Howsden

Norvella Koelling

Ronni Lacroute

Dr. Becka Morgan

Wendy & Don Lange

Bill & Donna Sweat

Franchot & Ed Hutchinson

Catherine & John Dorner

Jim Hoffman & Sarah Marcus

Mary C & Steve Long

Jocela Mae & Brehan Crawford

Casey & Karen Manfrin

Kristina Sheppard

Andrew & Alyson Larkin

Andrew Paul Photography

Steve Iverson

Sylla McClellan

Bill Rourke

Dave Rucker

Dominique & Stephen Bjorlin

John & Els Sandberg

Kathleen McKinney

Anne Nisbet & Mark Cooley

Murray Paolo

Jackie & Chuck Bessler

Michael Perri

Sally Godard

Gerry Hunter

Linda Hays

Hopscotch Toys

3rd Street Pizza

The Diner

Ron Olisar

Ilsa Perse

Sandy & Ian McDonough

Marcie Rosenzweig

Maureen Hovenkotter

Yvette Saarinen

Lou Savage

Stephanie Bell Findley

Jo A & Ralph Weinstein

June & Eric Wolfe

Karen & David Brock

Lynn Van Horn

Bethany Lee

Susan Justice

Laura Jellison

Mark & Debby Miller

Artistic Concepts

Tim Sander

Don & Linda Watson

Julie & Kenny Early

Kelli Watcherson

Mike & Sherill Roberts

Arnie Hollander & Susan Watkins

Ginger Williams

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